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download serial irani del part 13

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I hardly watched the Mannequin series until the end. You may be sympathetic to me in this sense, and maybe not. But you are unlikely to disagree: this is at best “a time consuming thing with free download”. After reviewing the entire series, we have a discussion about its messages and gaps and then take a quick look at the cast.

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If you haven’t seen the series, avoid watching it separately and if you haven’t seen it, blame yourself. Even if you know this series with great, wonderful, the best, and so on, I don’t think it would be worth reading. Because my criticism of this series is negative and this negative vote does not mean that there were no positive features in the series.

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But what is the significance of very small white dots in a single yellow leaderboard. When the story is in serious trouble and the characters are not paid properly, it doesn’t matter how well Angela Zare gets angry or tears.

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One is their lover and comrades whose only achievement is to caricature the category of love. In all parts of the series, I can hardly remember a scene where I felt the love between Kaveh and his peers. Love, value, and credit come from love. Who are the serial lovers and with what features?

serial del part 13

When we can’t think of them as attractive, important, and interesting characters, then the sense between them is something inane. Something about the phrase “two pigeons in love” that comes with some feminine jealousy and masculine bias. Directing the work and writing the author’s dialogue has not helped either. You can read more about this earlier.

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The next category is about Akhbar and his mercenaries, people who seem to have come out of the masses of recent Masoud Kimii films and can never be called “ridiculous”. They are serial misconducts, and there is no hope that their black character will find a new layer.

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Although Babak Kaidan keeps trying to shake off a completely repetitive preoccupation with the past, but there is no difference to this character “always and everywhere”.

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Akhbar is so ridiculously written that at the height of the crisis he says again: I don’t wait for someone to call. Of course, the self-esteem of space and this illusion of power is often mocked throughout the film. His ideas always lead to a collar. There is no particular intelligence, no new and interesting maps. Not even the ability to thwart others’ simple plans.

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In order to advance the series, the author pushes the handler over and over, or who would not, after dealing with Kaveh, move his wife “for the sake of clear rationality” elsewhere. The scene of his dispute with his wife on the street did not go down badly, but with the explanations given he could not have been the author himself. Babak Kaidan should have sent her to the world with a better idea if she wanted to kill Mary.

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Worse than the author’s idea, the death story is another character that really makes us laugh. I’ve mentioned it in the Serial Gaps section. Imagine being the best person in the class with these pure qualities. The rest are not even as believable as blacks.

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The third category is Katayoun (merila zarei) and his models. A woman who is uniformly written and as soon as the facts are revealed from her cousin Salman’s mouth, so confronts her. This is not a bad change at all, but the question is, where does this woman, the young model smuggler, get to?

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