serial irani del par 12

serial irani del par 12
serial irani del par 12

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The Dell series has been around for a while since it aired on its home theater network. In this article, we will take a look at the story and cast of Manouchehr Hadi’s latest post-Rahman 1400 series.

In serial del recent years, young Iranian director Manouchehr Hadi has directed popular works both in cinema and on television and home theater. Some of Manouchehr Hadi’s most famous works include “Goodbye Baby” in 2012, “Deldadegan” in 1396, “Love” in 1395, as well as in “I’m Not Salvador” in 1394 and “Mirror Bag” in 1396 . Until 1977, Hadi’s latest work was the film “Rahman 1400”, which received much controversy. Although Rahman 1400 was released only a few weeks later, it is currently the fourth best-selling film in Iranian cinema history.

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Now, after one year, Manouchehr Hadi has come to the home theater network with the Dell series. The broadcast of the series, written in 28 episodes by Babak Kaidan and Maysam Kaidan, began on Wednesday, December 23, 2010.

One of the interesting things about the series is that Dell broke its online viewing record in the first 72 hours of its release, recording 13 million and 440,000 minutes, the title of the most-watched Iranian serial on the first three days of its release.

serial del part 12

Stay tuned with Plazmgg to get to know more about Dell’s story, cast and series.

Dell is a romantic and social melodrama. Dell’s serial story is about a girl and a boy who, after much adventures and opposition from their families, finally get married; The heart of the series is a love story of a separation.

 Dell is one of the most sought-after works in this series, introducing its characters and actors.

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Resta is a mysterious girl who, while seemingly in love with her fiancé, struggles with many hidden problems, to the point where she has once again disrupted their marriage and refused to marry her fiancé. Now that Rosta has disappeared on her wedding night, everyone’s first guess is that she has regretted it, but it seems that Rosta’s absence at her wedding night is more than a mere regret.

Rosta played the role of Sareat Bayat, who had previously co-starred with Manouchehr Hadi. Sara Bayat was born in Mashhad on October 14, 1979 and has been involved in acting since 2006.

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Arash is a fiancé, a wealthy boy with a powerful family who, especially his mother, opposes their marriage. Arash loves Rosta’s love, and though Rosta once disrupts their wedding, he doesn’t believe Rosta has regretted leaving him alone on this important night.

Arash is played by Hamed Behdad, a good actor in Iranian cinema. Hamed Behdad is born in Mashhad. Starting out as an actress with the film “The End Game” in 2000, she has been in the cinema for most of her career, though she has starred in series such as “The Last Call,” “Alchemy” and “Dendon Gold.” Is. Hamed Behdad has previously worked with Hadi on the feature film Life Is Somewhere Else.

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